Hotel Social Media Marketing

Not getting your fair share of weekend business within your STR comp set?

Falling behind in your TripAdvisor ranking?

How do you work with an influencer?

With over 20 years in Sales and Marketing in the hotel industry, we understand the levers to pull to help create curiosity and demand. We can help create touchpoints throughout your guests buying journey.

Hotel Social Media Q&A

What’s one of the biggest benefits of marketing a hotel via social media?

By using social media marketing to drive direct bookings to your website, the cost savings on OTA commissions can be tremendous.

Why hire a social media agency for hotel marketing?

  • Expertise & Experience: An agency knows the latest trends, best practices, and understands how to use different platforms to achieve your hotel marketing goals.
  • Consistency: An agency will ensure you maintain a consistent presence on social media. Posting regularly, engaging with followers, and responding to comments and messages promptly.
  • Resources & Tools: Agencies have access to a wide range of resources and tools that you might not afford or have the time to learn how to use effectively. Programs to create high-quality content, manage multiple social media accounts, and track and analyze results are a few examples.
  • Objectivity: An agency can provide an objective perspective on a business’s social media strategy. They can identify areas where the business is doing well and where it could improve.
  • Creativity: Agencies have creative professionals who can develop and implement innovative social media campaigns that will capture the attention of your target audience.

What can we do if influencers aren’t interested in our hotel?

  •  Surprise and delight your guests to create an army of customer advocates. When something nice or thoughtful happens out of the blue, don’t you tell friends and coworkers? We do!
  • Do something newsworthy. Do something extraordinary for your community that is newsworthy that gets picked up by TV, a local newspaper or someone’s blog.
  • Collaborate with someone bigger than you. Is there something near you such as a music venue or minor league baseball team? Build a relationship with them and ask to partner with them on any influencer opportunities.
  • Cultivate a personal brand. A consistent presence and helpful or edutaining content helps keep you top of mind with your clientele. Be sure to connect with them and engage with their content as well. It’s all about staying top of mind.