Important Tips You Need to Know Working with Hotel Influencers

The Most Important Tips You Need to Know Working with Hotel Influencers starts with the Eye Test. First things first, look at their profile. Is the quality of their photos or video up to your brand’s standards? Is their copy well done with good grammar and spelling? (a personal bug-a-boo)

Does their demographic align with yours?

Do they have established credibility? Meaning, do they have actual followers or bots to make them look significant. Do they have a good engagement rate? 3% or higher is a good engagement rate. But don’t take their word for it, use a site like SocialBlade to see if they’re legit.

What are they asking for and what are they willing to provide? Ideally, they’ll just want an overnight stay and perhaps an F&B credit. You want to make sure you get a few posts and stories, and/or a reel. You want their photos and/or video to be yours to keep and reuse.

How do they respond to crisis management?

Do they throw your brand under the bus or do they handle it calmly and professionally?

What’s their signature style? Ensure it complements your brand’s voice and identity. You want the collaboration to look organic and authentic.

Are they open to feedback? The influencer should be willing to incorporate your suggestions to make the campaign effective for your brand.

Legalities – Understand the FTC rules and guidelines to ensure they’re compliant.

Last but not least, keep a check on SEO. If possible, insist on a backlink to your website.

Remember, working with influencers is a two-way street. Strategy is key. With these points in mind, you’re on your way to achieving marketing success with influencers.

Consider an influencer marketing agency to fast track your campaign!

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Frugal Hotel Marketing Budget? Best Tactics for Amazing ROI

Hotel lobby at a luxury hotel

Top 3 Marketing Strategies for Hotels on a Budget: Maximize bookings with Social Media, SEO, and Targeted Ads

Managing a successful marketing campaign for a small or independent hotel often comes down to making the most of a limited budget. Here are the top 3 marketing strategies I’d recommend for a suburban or independent hotel looking to maximize their return on investment:

1. Ignite Engagement with Social Media (Your Budget-Friendly Best Friend):

Forget expensive billboard campaigns – social media is your new marketing powerhouse. Here’s why:

  • Direct connection with your audience: Build relationships, answer questions, and showcase your local charm, all in real-time.
  • Highly targeted reach: Focus your efforts on platforms where your ideal guests spend their time, ensuring your message resonates.
  • Cost-effective content creation: Share captivating photos of your rooms, amenities, and surrounding area, plus fun behind-the-scenes glimpses.
  • Boost organic visibility: Run strategic contests and promotions to organically grow your follower base and engagement.

2. Conquer the OTA Beast with Top-Notch SEO:

Invest in search engine optimization (SEO) to:

  • Rank higher in online searches: Get found by potential guests searching for hotels in your area.
  • Direct bookings straight to your website: Drive traffic to your own booking platform, bypassing those costly OTA fees.
  • Build your brand authority: Showcase your unique offerings and establish yourself as a trusted choice in your region.

3. Target the Right Revenue Stream with Smart Advertising:

Tailoring your ad campaigns to specific market segments can be a game-changer. Here’s how:

  • Group Business: Utilize targeted advertising platforms like Cvent to reach corporate event planners searching for meeting spaces.
  • Wedding Business: Focus your efforts on popular wedding planning websites and online directories where engaged couples browse wedding venues.
  • Local Tourism: Partner with local attractions and businesses to cross-promote each other’s offerings and attract new audiences.

By prioritizing these three cost-effective marketing strategies, your suburban, independent hotel can attract ideal guests, drive direct bookings, and compete effectively in today’s digital landscape. Remember, engagement, organic reach, and targeted advertising are your budget-friendly allies in the quest for marketing success.

Let’s talk: If you’re ready to take your hotel’s marketing to the next level, reach out! I’m passionate about helping independent hotels thrive, and I’m here to brainstorm custom solutions for your unique needs.